Uses for a Temporary Pavilion and Event Crew Hire

There are many different uses for temporary pavilions and even more uses for event crew hire. This article will tell you the benefits that a temporary pavilion can have during an event, as well as some good qualities to look out for when you opt for event crew hire.

Temporary Pavilion

Temporary pavilions are generally used for outdoor events. There are endless designs when it comes to temporary pavilions, you can even get them custom made to fit specifications but obviously, this will cost more than standard ones but that doesn’t mean you can’t get great premade designs.


Endless Design Options – as mentioned above, pavilions have endless design options, so no matter what your events theme you can find something to suit.

Keep Event Guests Dry – it’s no secret that the weather in the UK can be less than savoury, this usually makes outdoor events near to impossible to plan. You never know what the weather is going to be like on the day and even if it’s nice in the morning doesn’t guarantee it in the afternoon. A temporary pavilion will give space for guests to keep dry if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Event Crew Hire

If you require a temporary pavilion, you will likely be holding some sort of outdoor event. Due to this, you may require event crew hire to assist with the event. When choosing event crew to hire you should always choose a reliable event crew hire company who can provide you with good quality staff members for your event.

Qualities of a Good Staff Member for an Event

Time Keeping – a good staff member at an event should have good timekeeping. Not only should they arrive when they are told to, they may also need to keep track of timings during the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly and so that they know where to be at specific times.

Polite to Guests – you want to ensure that whatever event crew you hire will be polite to guests. They should smile and try to do everything guests need (within reason of course). If guests are rude to staff, staff should contact a manager about the issue – not be rude back.

Possible Previous Experience – although it’s not essential, previous experience in whatever event crew will be doing is always good, many companies can provide experienced staff members.