HI8 to DVD
HI8 to DVD

What You Need to Know Before Doing a HI8 to DVD Conversion

Digital to analog conversion services can handle just about any video or audio format in any amount, especially Hi8 to DVD conversion. Many individuals born before the 90s are going to remember the older tapes and VHS formats that were going to come to the consumer after the popularity of Betamax. The problem with Betamax was the cost of the video cassettes, and people just weren’t buying them due to the cost and reliability of the VHS machine.

Using Old Technology

Video cassettes were also notorious for skipping during recording, but in order for a DVD to be successful, the skip free method wasn’t as important. This is not an issue when converting from analog to digital since the picture is already on the computer. Some analog to digital conversions do require the use of analogue equipment, but these conversions tend to be less expensive than Betamax.

Another reason people convert from analog to digital is because they’re starting to run out of room in their homes, and they need a smaller home theater. Audio tapes are notorious for their size, and they can be very cumbersome when transferring them from VHS to DVD. Transferring the analog tapes to DVD requires some equipment besides a computer. It requires an optical media cutter, transfer media discs, transfer media tape, and a laser disc burner. Laser disc burners tend to be more expensive than other types of burners, and so it makes sense to buy the most expensive one you can afford rather than using the less expensive ones when converting analog tapes to dvd discs.

Other types of computer hardware that may be needed when converting digital to dvd vhs tapes include DVD writers, CD players, and VCRs. These items are easily found on auction or in electronics stores. You might also find a TV tuner adaptor with this type of conversion kit. If all else fails, there’s always hiring a professional to do the conversion for you. Converting analog tapes to dvd vhs requires a lot of work, and you wouldn’t want to mess with that when it comes to converting digital to analog.

Further Points

Some people choose to convert their tapes to vhs tapes purely for the fun of it. Some who have been fans of the original black and white television series Star Wars often choose to do such a conversion for the special features they can get from re-mastering the old movies. Others enjoy doing these transfers because it allows them to relive their childhood while still keeping up with modern times.

The most important thing is to choose a reliable source of dvd material. A good transferring program will give you the highest quality picture you can possibly get on your hi disc. Once you have a source for the dvd you need, the rest is just following some basic guidelines of transferring video to dvd.

Successful Transfers

Transferring video to dvd using a standard VHS cassette machine is the easiest way to go, but it can be time consuming and difficult to control the quality. Converting an analog disc videotape to a digital format can be done in a matter of hours, but this is not the case for a full fledged and conversion. It will likely take you weeks, or months if you are a professional, to complete a full-fledged conversion. Why invest in such a project when you can just convert your tapes to vhs instead?

HI8 to DVD