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Out of Hours Dentist Glasgow | When to Go to an Emergency Dentist

A surprising amount of people don’t know what classes as a dental emergency and what doesn’t. This article will let you know when it’s time to pay a visit to an out of hours’ dentist Glasgow.

Dental Emergencies

Here is a list of dental emergencies that may require an out of hours dentist Glasgow;

An Avulsed Tooth/Teeth

Avulsed is the technical term used when a tooth or multiple teeth are knocked out completely. When this happens many people are in severe amounts of pain and will also experience bleeding. If you manage to retrieve the tooth/teeth and get to an emergency dentist within the hour, then there is a chance of them being able to save it. If not there is a high change the tooth will be lost and you may need extra dental work to replace it with a fake tooth.

An Extruded Tooth

An extruded tooth is when a tooth has not completely fallen out, but has been knocked out of its usual position but is still hanging on by thin treads of tissue. This usually happens after due to the tooth being impacted by something. You should try and push the tooth back into place (if possible) and get to an out of hours’ dentist Glasgow as soon as you can to try and save the tooth.

A Broken Tooth

Not all broken teeth are a dental emergency. If the end of the tooth has broken away and there is no bleeding, then this is less of a dental emergency and may be possible to wait until the next day to see a dentist.

If the broken tooth has also been knocked out of position or the broken edge is sharp, then this is a dental emergency it needs to be seen to immediately. This is because a sharp edge can potentially damage your tongue or lips.

Damage That Causes Severe Pain

If you have been involved in an accident that has caused trauma to your mouth or jaw and are in severe pain, then you may have serious damage that is not obvious or visible missing or damaged teeth.

You may require an x-ray to check teeth to find out if treatment is needed. Most dentists will agree that severe pain after trauma always qualifies for a visit to an emergency dentist.

Severe Dental Bleeding

Any damage to the teeth or gums that is causing you to lose blood and doesn’t stop within a few minutes, is considered a dental emergency.

Post-Treatment Dental Emergency

If you develop severe pain, swelling or bleeding within a couple of days of having a tooth extraction or any other dental procedure than this also qualifies as a dental emergency and will need to get an emergency appointment for urgent assessment.

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Non-Dental Emergencies

The following are not considered dental emergencies;

Toothache – only an emergency if accompanied with obvious signs of injury, bleeding or infection.


Losing a Veneer – never classed as a dental emergency

A Gum Abscess or Gum Boil – only an emergency if they grow quickly in a short space of time


Breaking Your Braces – only classed as a dental emergency if the broken brace has caused damage to the mouth or gums.