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Driving Lessons Glasgow | Tips for Driving in the City

People learn to drive in a number of different places, this can sometimes be problematic as people who learn to drive in small towns end up with no practise or knowledge of how to drive in the city. But not everyone has the opportunity to get driving lessons in Glasgow. Here are some tips on how to drive in the city, as well as where to get city driving lessons.

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The Right Sized Car

Being able to find ample parking in the city has a lot to do with the size of your car. It’s no secret that smaller cars are easier to park in smaller spaces. Having a car that is small in both width and length will also reduce the chance of the car getting scratched and dented.

Manual Vs. Automatic

Manual cars have many benefits including being less expensive and more fuel efficient. When it comes to city driving though, you may want to rethink a manual car. Stop-and-go driving can be stressful and more tiring in a manual. You may want to think about what kind of car you’re going to get if you will mainly be using it for city driving.

How Many MPG?

When it comes to how many miles you get out of a gallon, you are likely to get considerably less out of your fuel when driving in the city. You use more mpg in the city than you do on motorways, this is why you get different figures for usage when you first buy a car. This will vary between cars and might be worth checking out before making a decision.

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Car with Parking Assist

Yes, parking assist is annoying, but it can also be extremely helpful. In the city, parking spaces can often be tight and difficult to manoeuvre into. Parking assist – as annoying as it can be – can allow you to park in spaces that you would once be too worried to even attempt. Having a system with a built-in camera is an added extra but not really necessary. You shouldn’ rely on this for taking driving lessons in Glasgow as you will need to learn how to park without it. But it can be a great addition to your driving once you know how – especially if you’re in a rush to work.

Mind Your Mileage

In the city, there is usually a lot of stopping and starting. Even when it’s not busy, there are traffic lights, pedestrians and a whole host of other things that you may have to stop or slow down for. Don’t just speed up to slow down as this will affect both your car and the mileage you get. This will just end up costing you more money and can even affect the performance of your car over time.

A tip for when you’re in heavy traffic in the city is to put the car into neutral, instead of constantly braking.


Interested in Taking Driving Lessons in Glasgow?

When learning to drive, it’s useful to get as much practice and experience as you can before sitting your test. That’s why it’s important to try and get in as many different experiences as possible. This includes driving in different places and in different weather conditions. If you are looking for driving lessons in Glasgow city centre, then companies such as All Pass Driving are able to not only provide you with that, they can also offer intensive driving courses, which can either help you pass your test quicker or become more comfortable with driving in the city.