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Rolex is one of the most prestigious and innovative watch brands to date. They are expensive watches, that come with expensive repairs and servicing. You don’t just want to send it away to any company for Rolex watch repair, you want to find a reputable company that you know you’re going to be able to trust.

Rolex Servicing

Rolex servicing is done in the following steps;

  1. Disassembly
  2. Cleaning the movement
  3. Replacement of components
  4. Lubrication and reassembly
  5. Timing calibrations
  6. Refinishing the case and bracelet
  7. Reassembly of the case
  8. Waterproof tests
  9. Final quality control
  10. The two-year service guarantee

Rolex watch servicing

Rolex Repair

Some of the most common types of Rolex watch repair include;

Issues with the movement

Dirt and other irritants can build up inside the movement and this can throw it off balance.

Dry lubricant

Oil and other watch lubricants are used to stop the movements from rubbing together, these can begin to dry up overtime. This can lead to the parts grinding, which can cause damage.

Water damage

Even if water damage doesn’t seem to have any lasting effects, if you don’t get it checked afterwards you run the risk of allowing rust to develop. This may lead to the whole movement needing replaced.

Mainspring issues

The mainspring can become faulty overtime; without it the watch may stop working.

Rolex Battery Replacement

If you’re Rolex watch is in need of a battery replacement, it will undergo the following steps;

  1. Replace the old battery, ensuring that it hasn’t leaked or damaged the movement in anyway
  2. Examine the general condition of the movement
  3. Renew all the sealing gaskets on the glass, crown and watch back, as well as pusher seals of chronograph models where required
  4. Test the watch’s water-resistance to brand specification, using specialist equipment
  5. Check timekeeping and adjust if required

rolex watch repair

Postal Repair Service

You get many types of postal repair services for Rolex watches, good repair services will offer;

  • Tamper-proof packaging
  • Insurance up to £20,000
  • Your watch returned within 21-28 working days
  • Tracked with Royal Mail Special Delivery
  • Free watch guide


Thing to Check Before Sending Your Watch Away to a Repair Company

Because Rolex watches are so expensive, you don’t just want to send it off to any old company. Things you should check before sending away your Rolex to get repaired include;


One of the main things that you should look for is customer reviews. If you cannot find any then you may want to ask yourself why.

Trusted Website

They say you can never judge a book by its cover, but sometimes you can. If a website looks cheap and unprofessional you probably aren’t going to want to send them your Rolex for repairs. The website should have plenty of information and be easy to navigate.