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The Many Uses Of An Electric Pallet Stacker

Electric Pallet Stacker

The electric pallet stacker is a tool which can be used across many different sectors. From events to hospitality and retail. All of these sectors have their own unique challenges and the electric pallet stacker can be effectively used in a number of different environments. Through this article we will discuss the uses of an electric pallet stacker and what sets it aside from other forms of equipment.

The Electric Pallet Stacker In Retail

Electric Pallet Stacker

Retail isn’t the easiest of environments to work in and often large quantities of goods need to be moved at short notice within large warehouse or storage environments. One of the ways in which to make this task much easier and efficient is using and electric pallet stacker. This form of pallet stacker can move large quantities of goods for long periods of time. This saves time and labour costs for the company using this asset and improves overall productivity for the business.


Within the hospitality industry the electric pallet stacker has an important purpose. Health and safety is imperative in a hospitality environment. Often large crates of food or tables and chairs need moved quickly in catering environments. Therefore in this form of environment a pallet stacker can thrive. Additionally this form of pallet stacker requires little to no training meaning it can be operated by most employees this additionally saves on costs. A hospitality is fast paced by nature the pallet stacker could help to ensure all operations run smoothly.

Logistics And Industry

In the logistics and industry sectors moving goods and equipment is part of day to day life. In order to do this effectively a variety of different equipment needs to be utilised to maximise performance. Pallet stackers form a key part in this supply chain. A good example of a company that invests heavily in pallet stackers is Amazon. Amazon has several large warehouses across the UK with many of them larger than stadium sized football pitches. In order to move goods and equipment about the warehouse there needs to be an combination of labour and machinery in order to make sure operations run effectively.

Alternatives To The Electric Pallet Stacker

One of the most popular alternatives to the electric pallet stacker is the forklift truck. The forklift truck is a small vehicle which is operated by one person and can lift goods up to and over 3 tonnes depending on the make and model. Forklift trucks are fast and efficient and can lift heavier weights than pallet stackers. However on the other hand forklift trucks are normally considerably more expensive for companies to purchase. This is why many companies choose to opt for the pallet stacker. Another area where the fork lift is at a disadvantage is any drivers of the forklift need to undertake a training course which may incur a cost. Overall Compared to the pallet stacker the forklift requires more training and therefore comes at an increased cost to any business who chooses to use it.