Managing Money- Your Guide

Money and finances is a topic a lot of us tend to avoid in conversation. It can provoke just about any emotion under the sun and fundamentally money is just a part of everyday life for everyone and something that everyone should be mindful of. In this guide we will look at different things that you can do to improve your money management benefits and explain how this will benefit you in the long run.

Earning Money

Earning money is pretty fundamental to making a decent living and having a safe and secure existence. Wages can vary drastically depending on your skills , qualifications and what you are qualified to work as. For example on average a waiter may earn £7.80 an hour whereas a lawyer can charge over £100 an hour for their specialist services and expertise. Therefore when considering how to earn money if you are working in a lower paid role it could be beneficial to get a second job. Having a second job or side work is something increasing numbers of us across the UK are doing to meet the financial demands of everyday life as well as to save up money for the future.

Other than getting another job a good way to earn money is simply by buying and selling items online. This can be done via websites such as eBay and gum tree. Often personal possessions that you may not want or need anymore can fetch some money online.

Managing Money

Money management is a subject which is often debated but it is rarely spoken openly about. This is partly because of a lack of knowledge surrounding money management and how this should be conducted in day to day life. One of the reasons for this lack of knowledge is that money management is not taught in schools although many argue that this should be part of education as it is such a fundamental skill to have which is needed in everyday life.

At the best of times managing money can be difficult for whole host of different reasons. One of the main reasons that managing money can be difficult is that often it can be difficult to turn down social invitations or anticipate unexpected events such as a pet getting ill or a car breakdown. One good way in which you can keep track of your money is by opening an internet banking account. Internet banking allows people to keep track of their money at their fingertips and is very useful for allowing you to manage money.

Another way in which you can manage your money better is through the use of a budgeting app. A budgeting app would allow you to better organise your finances and allow you to plan ahead for incoming bills.


In summary , there are a number of different methods that you can employ in order to manage your finances better. Often large amounts of information can be found online about finances as well as what to do and what to avoid so the best course of action is to undertake research online into managing money to make an informed decision about how you would like to manage your finances moving forward.